XKC-Y27B thin tube liquid level sensor

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Y27B thin tube liquid level sensor

  • Easy installation, card tube design, no need for cable ties

  • Suitable for small tubes with an outer diameter of 3-10mm

  • Power supply DC5-24V. V-high and low level output, switch NPN output

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Product Details
Technical Parameters
Technical Parameters
User's Guide

Product Details:

1. Product Introduction

The intelligent non-contact small tube liquid level sensor (hereinafter referred to as small tube sensor) adopts advanced signal processing technology and high-speed signal processing chip, which is specially designed for liquid level detection needs of infusion tubes and industrial small tubes. The intelligent non-contact small tube liquid level sensor can output high and low level signals at the same time, which can meet the needs of various occasions.

The intelligent non-contact liquid level sensor uses the inductive capacitance of water to detect whether there is liquid. When there is no liquid close to the sensor, due to the existence of distributed capacitance on the sensor, there is a certain static capacitance between the sensor and the ground.When the liquid level slowly rises close to the sensor, the parasitic capacitance of the liquid will be coupled to this static capacitance, making the capacitance value of the sensor larger, and the changed capacitance signal is then input to the control IC for signal conversion.

The changing capacitance is converted into a change of some kind of electrical signal, and then a certain algorithm is used to detect and judge the degree of the change. When the change exceeds a certain threshold, it is considered that the liquid level has reached the sensing point.

2. Application Ranges:

Specially designed for the industry application of small tubes, such as: medical equipment, medical infusion, biological drug liquid detection, scientific research and teaching equipment, smart coffee machines, smart water dispensers, smart appliances, industrial small tube liquid level detection, etc.


consumption current


input voltage (Vin  )


output method

high and low levelNPN

output current


response time


working temperature


pipe OD (外径)





D10= 10mm




PC V0 fireproof

safety certificate


environemt certificate



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