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We will continuously specialize in research and innovation to break through the bottleneck of sensors, and committed to accelerating the localization of sensors.

Non-contact Liquid Level Sensors

Non-contact Liquid Level Controllers

Diffuse Reflection Infrared Sensors

Human Body Pir Motion Sensors

Laser Sensors

Gas Sensors

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It is our mission to defend the quality ! To ensure that providing our customers with reliable produ

Shenzhen XingKeChuang Technology Co., Ltd. develop,manufacture and marketing various kinds of sensors for intelligent products applications and testing since 2013. The company has an excellent independent research and development team, with more than 30 patented technologies and industry-related certifications. Our core patented products include: non-contact liquid level sensor,automatic liquid level controller, infrared motion sensor, ultrasonic sensor, laser ranging sensor, temperature sensor, gas sensor,radar wave sensors etc ; As an international and diversified sensor manufacturer and provider of customized development solutions,provides products and technical solutions for merchants in China and around the world,XKC has become an influential innovative technology company in the industry.

Over ten years of research and development experience


Patent technology and certification


The company's R&D team


Bring efficient, worry free, and labor-saving automation solution to customers.

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Customized Solutions

XKC’s R&D team is full of talents with advanced innovation concepts and years of experience focusing on sensor areas, independently design and manufacture, more than 30 national patents, strives for excellence in product quality. We are a sensor manufacturer and a provider of customized development solutio

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Collaborate with industry leading enterprises to create high-tech products

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Dedicated to the development of high-tech and high-quality sensor technology, becoming the most well-known enterprise! Assist Chinese product brands in Establish a high-quality international image of high-tech in the world.