XKC-KL200 Laser Distance Measurement Sensor

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KL200 Laser Distance Measurement Sensor

  • Concealed threaded fixation, self-adjustable distance by buttons

  • Strong anti-interference ability, diffuse reflection ultra-long sensing distance, up to 2M

  • Accuracy up to millimeter level, multi-layer filter cover design

  • Output mode: V- high and low level output, switching value NPN, UART serial port signal

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Product Details
Technical Parameters
Technical Parameters
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XKC-KL200 is an intelligent non-contact switch, laser distance sensor with UART serial port, high and low level or NPN drive output. The sensor uses the principle of diffuse reflection of the laser on the object: when a person or object enters the sensing area set by the sensor, the sensor outputs a signal and can accurately output the distance value; when the person or object leaves the sensing area, the sensor turns off the output.


1. Strong anti-interference ability.

2. Intelligent induction non-contact switch, safe and hygienic.

3. The sensing angle is small.

4. Small size, easy to install.

5. Multiple ways of output, easy to use.

6. Not affected by the surface color of the object.

7. In the indoor environment, the real-time measurement distance is up to 2 meters.

8. Multi-layer filter cover, the induction is more stable.

Application scope:

1. Intelligent sensor sanitary ware.

2. Home security.

3. Intelligent detection, intelligent control.

4. Robot obstacle recognition.

5. Real-time display distance.

6. Faucet sensor, automatic flushing of urinal, automatic dryer, anti-theft device, automatic doorbell, stair aisle sensor, TV reminder for watching TV at close range, automatic door, advertising light box, automatic trash can.

item name



DC 5~24V

sensing distance

10-2000mm,  under sunlight: 1000mm 

sensing accuracy

±4%  ( 200mm~2000mm)

wave length

940 nm laser transmitter


transmitter 35 ,  receiver 25 

short-circuit protection

exceed 1A :  stop output


24*24  (main shell)

load current


work current


work temperature

-20 ~ 65℃

storage temperature

-20 ~ 85℃

cable length

30cm   (±10MM)  (can be customed for bulk orders)


shell:  PC-V0 fireproof

output method

UART ,  NPN  high & low level


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