XKC-003K4 Pir Motion Sensor

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003K4 Pir Motion Sensor

  • Fully automatic induction, customizable (photosensitive control)

  • High sensitivity and strong reliability

  • Output signal: V- high and low level output, switch value NPN, Relay output

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Product Details
Technical Parameters
Technical Parameters
User's Guide

Product parameters:

XKC-003K4 is an automatic control product based on infrared technology. High sensitivity, strong reliability, ultra-low voltage working mode. Widely used in various types of automatic induction electrical equipment.


1. Fully automatic induction: when a person enters the sensing range, it outputs a high level, and when a person leaves the sensing range, it automatically delays turning off the high level and outputs a low level.

2. Photosensitive control (optional, not set when leaving the factory): Photosensitive control can be set, and it will not sense during the day or when the light is strong.

3. Two trigger modes (jumper selectable):

a. Non-repeatable trigger mode: that is, after the induction outputs high level, the output will automatically change from high level to low level after the delay time ends.

b. Repeatable trigger mode: After the induction outputs a high level, if there is a human body moving within its sensing range during the delay period, its output will remain high, and the high level will not be delayed until the person leaves. Change to a low level (the sensing module will automatically extend a delay time period after detecting each activity of the human body and take the time of the last activity as the starting point of the delay time).

4. With induction blocking time (default setting: within 1s): After each sensing output (high level becomes low level) of the sensing module, a blocking time period can be set immediately, during which the sensor will not Accept any induction signal. This function can realize the interval work of both "sensing output time" and "blocking time", which can be applied to interval detection products. At the same time, this function can effectively suppress various interferences generated during load switching.

5. Wide working voltage range: The default working voltage is DC5V-12V.

6. Micro power consumption: quiescent current<200 microamps.

7. Output high and low level signals/NPN/relay output: it can be easily connected with various circuits.

8. The sensing delay output time is adjustable (about 5-300 seconds), and the sensing distance is adjustable (within 7 meters).

Product application:

1. Human body induction lamps.

2. Human sensor toys.

3. Security products.

4. Industrial automation control.

5. Automatic induction electrical equipment.

6. Battery-powered automatic control, etc.

work voltage 



quiescent current


output method

high&low level(high 3.3V/ligh 0V)  / NPN/relay(NO/NC)  /drive 2A LED

trigger method

L:non-repeatable trigger/H:repeatable trigger(default)

delay time

5S default(5-300S adjustable)

lock time


circuit board dimensions


outline dimension

52L*36W*23H mm (black,install hole Φ2.5


 28 cm

induction angle

<110 cone angle

sensing distance

max. 7meters

work temperature


sensor lens size






Output method



high&low level(high 3. 3V/low 0V)out put current<3 mA



NPN nomorlly open, load current<300mA



Relay normally open,max. current 3A





Relay normally closed,max. current 3A






directly drive 2A led,  max. current 2A


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