XKC-Y28A thin tube liquid level sensor

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Y28A thin tube liquid level sensor

  • Clip-on design, easy to fix and can be removed freely

  • Suitable for small tubes with an outer diameter of 4-10mm

  • Built-in 2A relay can directly drive the load

  • Power supply DC5V, 12V, 24V, NO/NC output mode optional

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Product Details
Technical Parameters
Technical Parameters
User's Guide

Product Features:

1. XKC-Y28A-NO/NC/RS485 sensor, suitable for non-metallic pipes (pipe outer diameter D≤10MM) does not need to be in direct contact with liquids, will not be corroded by corrosive liquids such as strong acids and alkalis, Without being affected by scale or other sundries, it can detect whether there is liquid inside the container or pipeline.

2. Intelligent liquid level reference adjustment and liquid level memory function, liquid level status display mode, can realize multi-point series connection.

3. The detection is accurate and stable, and can detect the boiling water level.

4. Pure electronic circuit structure, non-mechanical working mode, stable performance and long life.

5. High stability, high sensitivity, strong anti-interference ability, free from external electromagnetic interference, special treatment for power frequency interference and common mode interference, to be compatible with all 5V, 12V, 24V power adapters on the market.

6. Strong compatibility, penetrating various non-metallic containers and pipes, such as plastic, glass, ceramics and other containers, suitable for liquid level detection of various curved, arc, cylindrical containers or pipes.

7. The voltage can be selected (5V, 12V, 24V), suitable for connecting various circuits and product applications.

Working Principle:

The intelligent non-contact liquid level sensor uses the inductive capacitance of water to detect whether there is liquid. When there is no liquid close to the sensor, due to the existence of distributed capacitance on the sensor, there is a certain static capacitance between the sensor and the ground.When the liquid level slowly rises close to the sensor, the parasitic capacitance of the liquid will be coupled to this static capacitance, making the capacitance value of the sensor larger, and the changed capacitance signal is then input to the control IC for signal conversion.

The changing capacitance is converted into a change of some kind of electrical signal, and then a certain algorithm is used to detect and judge the degree of the change. When the change exceeds a certain threshold, it is considered that the liquid level has reached the sensing point.

item name






input dc voltage(Vin)

5V、  12V、24V

5V、  12V、24V

24V  (or customed 12V)

outpur method

normally closed

normally open

communication output

current consumption


output volatge/current


response time


working temperature


applicable pipe OD

OD 5-10  (mm)

sensing precision




cable length

500MM  (±10MM)(customed for bulk orders)


wiring definition

brown(power+)、yellow(signal output)

blue(power-)、black(COM )


PC-V0 fireproof



safety certificate


environment certificate



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