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Co-create, share, grow together, The 8th anniversary celebration of Xingkechuang

Release time: 2023-06-09 Read volume: 455

On October 16, 2021, the 8th anniversary celebration of Shenzhen Xingkechuang Technology Co., Ltd. was held in Chaihuo Hotel. All the staff gathered here to share the results and happiness that belong to everyone! Next, let's review the wonderful moments of the company's 8th anniversary!


The host is on stage, and the anniversary ceremony begins!


Speech by General Manager-Lin Zhen


8 years of journey all the way, thank you! General Manager - Lin Zhen reviewed the company's 8-year development history in his speech. There have been hardships, joys, and gains. At the same time, he talked freely about the blueprint for the future development of Xingkechuang, and firmly believed that a group of people with energy and ideals will be able to create extraordinary careers together and realize the concept of win-win for enterprises and employees!


The sumptuous dinner begins

Let's toast together


some highlights




Happy Birthday to XingKechuang!


The general manager - Lin Zhen and the employee representatives lit the candles of the anniversary celebration cake together to show the meaning of opening a better future. The audience spontaneously sang the birthday greeting song, and made good wishes for the future of the company together.


At the end of the celebration, everyone took a group photo together, drawing a successful conclusion to the celebration.

Looking back on the past, there are too many touches and stories; looking forward to the future, there are more expectations and dreams! In the past 8 years, we have chased our dreams with sweat, and created excellence with quality! In the future, we will be firm in our beliefs and not afraid of difficulties. We will unite as one, unite as one, and always adhere to the business philosophy of "creating the future together and pursuing win-win results". Wonderful and more brilliant!

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