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Focusing on the research and development and manufacturing of high-tech sensors

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    11th Floor No.48 Xinyu Rr,Xinqiao Community,Xinqiao Street,Bao'an ,Shenzhen,China

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XKC Vision

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XKC Vision

Committed to focusing on the development of high-tech and high-quality sensor technology, becoming the most famous enterprise in the industry! Helping Chinese product brands establish a high-tech, high-quality international image in the world


XKC Mission:

Born for intelligent sensing, make the world's technology more intelligent!


XKC Philosophy:

Create the future together and pursue a win-win situation


XKC Values:

Satisfying customers is the source of innovation and development;High-precision technology and excellent quality are the starting of value and dignity!



XKC Service:

 Committed to focusing on the research and development of high-tech and high-quality sensor . Quality--supreme and true, Service--trust and sincerity


XKC Spirit:

Efficiency, Unity, Hard work, Innovation


Talent concept:

1. Prioritize ability, use what you want, be professional and confident, and lead the future.

2. Three publics and four uses: Openness, fairness, and fairness, use it at the right time, use it at its position, use it at its best, and use it at its will.

3. Keep people with career, emotion, treatment, opportunity and culture.

4. Provide guidance to ordinary employees, encourage excellent employees, and give managers a reference.

5. XingkeChuang grows together with its employees, and the pressure of the environment becomes the driving force for its own learning. In-depth training will train them to grow into the top talents in the industry, and pursue the common development and win-win situation of enterprises and individuals.

6. If you have wisdom, please show your wisdom; if you don't have wisdom, please sweat; if you don't sweat, please give up your post.


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