CY10 multi-point display water level controller

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CY10 multi-point display controller

  • It can be fixed by screws or installed on electric box track

  • Non-contact real-time detection of water level margin, with a display screen on the controller

  • Optional power supply: AC110-220V, DC9-24V

  • Output mode: relay dry contact, RS485 output

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Product Details
Technical Parameters
Technical Parameters
User's Guide

Product Description:

XKC-CY10 intelligent liquid level controller and 10 non-contact liquid level detection probe can realize:

A:Level control function in one container: when the liquid level in the container is too low, the low liquid level alarm signal sent by the low liquid level sensor triggers the CY10 controller to close the relay to start the water pump to add liquid level, when the liquid level reaches a certain height, the high liquid level sensor sends out The signal triggers the CY10 controller to disconnect the relay to automatically stop the water pump, so that the cycle works. to realize the function of automatic control of the liquid level of the container,

B:Liquid level control function for multiple containers (up to 10): Installing sensor on each container to realize the liquid level control function for different containers.

Product Features:

1. AC110V-220V wide voltage power supply.

2. Relay dry node output, applicable to various load control.

3. 10-way channel input, more subdivided liquid levels in the same container, more accurate control.

4. It can control the liquid level of 10 containers at the same time, and the control function is more powerful.

5. The installation is simple and convenient. can be installed by screw positioning or on the track of the electric box.

6. RS485 output, easier to connect.

7. Plug-in terminals, more convenient wiring.





CY10 multi-point display controller

input voltage


sensor working voltage


standby power consumption


load power


output method

relay output

sensors MPN

XKC-Y26-NPN  (other sensors are optional)



input channel

10 channels

sensor interface voltage


working temperature





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